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About Demonic Possession Recordings


Demonic Possession Recordings is a 'new'oldskool darkside jungle record label, established in December 2012, with one aim - to continue the descent into the darker sides of jungle and hardcore, building on the work of pioneering UK breakbeat artists who laid down the foundations of this unique musical style during the summer of 1993.

We pay close attention to every detail in replicating the lo-fi production methods and authenticity of oldskool bedroom studios from Hackney to the Midlands, and have a vinyl only policy for our releases meaning that reproduction quality is never compromised by the use of digital media or MP3s.

Our records are mastered and pressed in London to a high quality and delivered quickly to your door, worldwide!

Demonic Possession are also proud to present exclusive sample packs that can be used in any current DAW or studio. These contain high quality breakbeats, basses, pads, synths and horror film samples in WAV and AIFF format to add a darkside flavour to your tracks.

Draw your curtains, and hide behind the sofa, we're going back to the DARKSIDE...


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