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7TH12003 - FX - Nightmares EP - Limited Edition 12" Black Vinyl!

Image of 7TH12003 - FX - Nightmares EP - Limited Edition 12" Black Vinyl!


02/12/15 UPDATE!!.......NOW BACK IN STOCK!! Please note, all orders of this record placed after 02/12/15 will ship on BLACK vinyl, repressed from the original master metalwork.


Released on 7th Storey Projects, and now available here in limited, extremely high quality 4 track clear 12" vinyl, are 4 brand new oldskool darkside cuts from Demonic Possession's 'FX'!

A1 - Nightmare - Samples 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' - with creepy atmospheric pads and stretched drums - don't listen to this one alone!

A2 - Under Water - Orca style atmospherics, rolling breaks and rumbling sub-bass lines - topped off with the biggest Anastasia stab you will have heard in a long time!!

AA1 & AA2 - Twilight Parts 1 & 2 - Dark, dark, dark! This duo of tunes will have shivers running up your spine - heavily influenced by the Basement Records and Creative Wax sounds, these are two killer tunes especially for the oldskool heads!

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