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DEAD003 - Shadowman - Spectre / Phenomena - 12" vinyl

Image of DEAD003 - Shadowman - Spectre / Phenomena - 12" vinyl


Two new cuts of dance-floor destruction from the darkest shadows of the Deadbeat studio!

Spectre is a raw amen monster designed to steamroll any audience that gets in its way... Military rave stabs, a thumping jungle tekno kick and relentless breaks will guarantee this tears apart any dance-floor you release it upon!

Phenomena opens with a gentle, hynotising intro, lulling you into a false sense of security before revealing a serious sting in its tail! "Oh, a bee.... Don't touch it.. DON'T TOUCH IT!!" :-O

Strictly limited press - 100 stamped white labels only!

Please be sure to select the correct shipping option when checking out. Shipping 10th July 2019

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