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DEMON7 - Demonic Possession Volume 7 - 12" Vinyl

Image of DEMON7 - Demonic Possession Volume 7 - 12" Vinyl


Two more deadly darkside cuts from Head Minion, FX!

‘Marked’ is laced with Jamaican voodoo samples from the classic 90’s flick ‘Marked For Death’ - a film that played a big part in spawning the darkside genre itself - and is guaranteed to rip a portal to the spirit-world on any dance floor you point it at!

Flip over for ‘Bobby!’ and you will find there is a new troubled teen in town! Our favourite filthy Demonic Possession amens, sine wave bass, a misty-eyed pad section, and horrified vocal shouts create a modern take on those Scottie/Johnny/Ricky classics!

Bag this 12” today – IT'S TIME TO GET POSSESSED!!

Every order ships with FREE Demonic Possession stickers, while stocks last!

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