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DEMONMAT - Demonic Possession 'Baph-o-mat' Slipmats (pair)

Image of DEMONMAT - Demonic Possession 'Baph-o-mat' Slipmats (pair)


For the true darkside DJ!

Protect your beloved and cripplingly expensive oldskool vinyl with these Demonic Possession 'Baph-o-mat' slipmats!

These mats feature our official Baphomet logo and are designed using material formulated to provide the ultimate in low resistance between your vinyl and turntable.

They are printed to the highest standards, and were hand selected after researching many, many different suppliers to be the slippiest, quietest, highest quality mats we could find!

The price quoted is for a pair of slipmats.

Please be sure to select the correct shipping option when checking out.

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