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DEMONSAMPLE2 - Demonic Possession Sample Library Vol.2

Image of DEMONSAMPLE2 - Demonic Possession Sample Library Vol.2


The long-awaited follow up to the extremely popular 'Demonic Possession Sample Library' contains 666 original samples, taken from all manner of weird, wonderful and scary films!

Many years of sifting through 80's/90's b-movie dvd bins, as well as innumerable hours watching, recording, cutting and editing have resulted in a darkside treasure trove of haunting pads, fx, weird loops and vocal snippets, perfect for 93 style darkside tracks!
Among the samples on this disk are also many classic sounds and vocal hooks from movies such as Evil Dead, Marked 4 Death and Predator 2 to show you what these sounds are like in their original form - as well as tons of original material, just dying to make its way into your next creation!

All samples have been recorded exclusively for the Demonic Possession studio library, and are in their original form, free from any edits/fx, so you can place them with ease into your own compositions - or twist them up into your own original material.

All are formatted in 16bit 44khz WAV or AIFF - there is no dodgy mp3, rinsed-out internet download, or filler material here!

This item is provided as a download link via email shortly after you place your order, so you can access the sounds straight away, but please keep an eye on junk email folders too.